Rates and Booking

Availability and Booking

Contact owners for more details on rates, availability and to book.


Available prices:

  • Upper unit (6 people)

  • Lower unit (4 people)

  • Whole cottage: communicating upper and lower units (10 people)

Summer Rate 2021

  • Upper unit: $xxxx /night, $100 cleaning fee

  • Lower unit: $xxxx/night, $50 cleaning fee

  • Whole cottage : $xxxx/night, $150 cleaning fee


  • 15% off for a stay of 7 nights or more

  • Week night: Sunday to Thursday.

  • Weekend night: Friday and Saturday.

  • Extra requested for the holiday season, spring break and statutory holidays.

  • Prices are indicative. Contact us for more details.

  • Prices do not include accommodation tax (3.5%) and GST / QST sales taxes.